Welcome to the Motown Showdown!

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Hello Dancing Friends,
Welcome back to another exciting season for The Motown Showdown Dancesport Challenge.  With each year the event brings a New Twist, and this season will be no different. There is a plethora of surprises around every corner in store for you!
We start off the event with the ALL NEW, Motor City Scholarship Awards. In the past there had been a giveaway of $5,000  to a mixture of Amateur and Professional competitors combined.  This year there will be one award given to only one Amateur and one Professional. Worth $5,000!!! Look for the break down of the rules in the “competitors” section to see how you can become eligible to win.
As the Marriott Rennanasance Center is the convention capital of Detroit, The Motown Showdown was beat out by a huge company that guaranteed all 1500 rooms as well as 100% of all of the meeting space.  So this year, the Motown Showdown will take on loan The Henry Hotel from Mark Brock and The Michigan Dance Challenge.  Mark was awesome enough to loan us his venue but it will only be for this season.  To receive your discounted rate, your rooms must be booked through the hotel link on this web site!
The Motown Showdown will also continue the “Man of Steel” award.  This award will be given to one of the pro’s, officials, or student attendees, either male or female.  This will be decided by nominees that you our audience emails us a nomination request as to who and why you feel they should win.  After a few people are selected, there will be a voting pole opened up to determine the winner!
Along with these exciting changes and additions, please read through the Rules and Regulations pages as well as the Helpful Hints page to bring you up to date on all of the event information for this season.
As we all know, you have so many choices on events these days, I want you to know how much we truly appreciate your looking to The Motown Showdown as one of your choice events!
Looking forward to an awesome time.
Thank You, Blake